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Expert Installation of Concrete Coatings

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At Garage Floor Coating of Chicago, we specialize in top-of-the-line epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems. We don’t mess around with those flimsy “1-day polyurea” systems that amateurs use. Those things are thin and definitely not up to commercial standards. If you want the real deal, check out our article titled “We’re Fighting Back: The Truth About “1-Day” Concrete Coating Systems“.

Our goal is simple: we want to provide our customers with thick, industrial-grade coatings that are installed by trained professionals. We don’t settle for anything less.

When we say our warranty is “lifetime”, we mean it. There are no sneaky exclusions for moisture or staining. We’ve got you covered.

Our coatings are so durable that they’re not just for residential garages. We also use them for retail and commercial flooring. These are spaces that see extreme traffic and heavy loads, so having a tough, industrial-grade concrete floor coating is essential. Our epoxy and polyurea-polyaspartic products and flooring systems are designed to meet the demands of these harsh environments. They offer excellent flexural strength and superior resistance to impact, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and stains.

Concrete Evaluation & Coating Installation

Our evaluation and installation process typically goes like this:

  • Face-to-Face Estimate: First, we’ll come to your place to do a face-to-face estimate. It’s important for us to see the space that needs to be coated, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or retail area. We believe that on-site evaluations are more accurate than estimates done over the phone. During the evaluation, we’ll take precise measurements and use a Tramex moisture meter to check the moisture levels in your concrete. This helps us determine the best coating system for your unique space. You’ll also get a chance to see and feel our sample boards, which come in different colors and styles, so you can choose the one that suits you best. If you want to get a preview of our coating system options beforehand, you can check them out on our website here.
  • Concrete Preparation: Once the evaluation is done, we’ll start preparing your concrete. We use top-of-the-line propane grinders with dust-mitigating attachments and our own concrete patch systems to make sure the surface is perfect before applying the primer coat.
  • Application of the Moisture-Mitigating Primer: Speaking of the primer coat, we don’t mess around. Our coating systems begin with an extra thick, 100%-solids moisture-mitigating primer coat. It’s twice as thick as a regular application, equivalent to both a primer and a color coat combined. We never apply a polyurea directly to the concrete.
  • Chip Broadcast: After the primer coat, we move on to the chip broadcast in a mica stone blend. We’ll spread a blend of mica stone chips that you personally select onto the wet primer. Because our primer coat is so thick, the chips embed perfectly into the coating.
  • Clear Polyaspartic Topcoats: To finish off, we apply not one, but two separate topcoats of our 100%-solids polyaspartic clear. The second coat includes anti-skid aggregate to reduce the risk of slipping. Our polyaspartic is industrial-grade, so we guarantee that it won’t stain from hot-tire transfer or most automotive fluids. You won’t need any special “vehicular pads” or other unnecessary warranty exclusions that are common with 1-day coating systems.

Relax and Enjoy

Just choose your preferred coating system and we’ll handle the rest. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and the highest quality service possible. Beginning with the design and throughout installation, we guarantee a worry-free process. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your newly transformed concrete floor. Contact Garage Floor Coating of Chicago today for a free quote.

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