What is so innovative about our Garage Floor Coating?

We are Garage Floor Coating of Chicago, skilled and experienced proprietors and Chicago’s leading specialists in epoxy and polyurea-polyaspartic concrete coating installations. Our mission is to provide our local clientele with top-tier products and services related to concrete floor coating installations. We surpass customer expectations by delivering superior quality products and installation techniques. At Garage Floor Coating of Chicago, we don’t just own the company – we handle the estimates as well as perform each installation…there’s no subcontracting.

Most importantly, we’ll never use a polyurea direct-to-concrete like the “1-day polyurea” flooring companies…these floors simply don’t hold up against hydrostatic pressures (moisture). We use commercial-grade, 100%-solids coatings and apply them meticulously over 2 days rather than 1. We refuse to gamble on your concrete flooring by applying direct-to-concrete polyurea; hence our process takes longer but guarantees a more robust, high-quality finish that will withstand years of use (as long as you live in your home). “1-day polyurea” systems come with warranty exclusions for moisture-related issues hidden within the small print – we have no need for these disclaimers because our product line, coupled with our application methods, result in thick concrete floor coatings that are resistant to moisture and staining…allowing us to confidently uphold our warranty.